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Safe, delicate gels and strips for home whitening

Convenient, Safe, Effective

PAP Gel is designed for safe and effective whitening using trays. PAP Strips are used without trays for an easier, more comfortable experience.

Perfect for Home Whitening

Can be used on their own or used as a follow-up treatment 2-5 days after the in-office, teeth-whitening procedure

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Safe Whitening - Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP)

Non-peroxide whitening agent that doesn't release free radicals when oxidizing pigment, without causing teeth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Sensitivity Reducing - Potassium Citrate (PC)

A powerful agent in treating tooth sensitivity. Potassium ions penetrate into the dentine and desensitize nerves in the tooth pulp.

Enamel Restoring - Hydroxyapatite (HAp)

Hydroxyapatite is naturally restorative, replacing lost minerals in damaged parts of the enamel and rebuilding protective layers of the teeth.

Effective & Flexible

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Safe & Fast

Fast results without abrasives or harmful additives

Travel Friendly

Easy to use, on-the-go