Magic Smile Corp.

Teeth Whitening Company

Safe & Effective

Magic Smile is a US registered brand and company. We offer high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies for fast and safe at-home teeth whitening, in-office bleaching and comprehensive oral care.

Not Just a Smile

We not only make white smiles, but instill joy and confidence in our customers. Magic Smile designs equipment, kits and accessories for quick and effective teeth whitening in various conditions and for different types of teeth enamel.

Individual Approach

The uniqueness of the Magic Smile system lies in the individual and comprehensive approaches.

A wide range of gels, strips, with a combination of home teeth whitening and oral care provides fast and lasting results without harm to your teeth health.

Upscale User Experience

Magic Smile is constantly evolving, improving products and user experience.

The company strives to achieve maximum results in the field of teeth whitening. Continuous research, using environmentally friendly, safe ingredients and breakthrough technologies allows Magic Smile to continue its success.


Make lives happier and healthier with safe, effective and easy-to-use home whitening products.


Magic Smile, the brand of professional in-office teeth whitening, has been launched.


Introduction of a unique comprehensive approach: in-office and home teeth whitening combination. The Home Kit with carbamide peroxide gel has been designed.


A new approach is applied — not only whitening, but also strengthening of teeth. Magic Minerals gel was added to the updated Home Kit for enamel remineralizing to reduce sensitivity.


Magic Smile was rebranded.


The Home Kit receives comprehensive updates, and the whitening gel is improved.  An innovative enhancement to the Home Kit: Magic Foam toothpaste is created to prolong whitening results.


Magic Foam and Magic Minerals have become independent products that whiten teeth, maintain results and improve oral hygiene.


Major updates and expansion of the Magic Smile Home Line. The long-awaited Magic Strips, new PAP whitening gel formula and Magic Light Mini LED mini lamp with red and blue light have appeared.